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Limousine vs. Taxi

There is no doubt limousines offer a luxury service. However, I would like to highlight the differences in hiring a limousine or a taxi for your next trip in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. It’s a noteworthy discussion as the decision to hire a limousine is a big one.

1) Have you ever phoned a taxi company to ask how much a trip will cost in order to budget for your evening? How many times at your arrival were you charged the price you were quoted and how many times was it more…much more? When you hire a limousine service, the price you are quoted is the exact price you pay. A taxi’s meter clicks away at every red light, road side car accident, police check and traffic jam. A limousine driver plans his route before he arrives to his destination ensuring the most efficient route is taken. It’s with a sense of mind knowing what you were quoted is what you will pay at the end of the evening. You can relax as the limousine driver is prepared not only to get you to your destination on time but with no tension worrying about the ever present clicking taxi meter.

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2) When you book a limousine, the driver has scheduled your trip and is prepared to arrive 15 minutes ahead of time. There is a slim to none chance your limousine will not arrive whereby a taxi service may be in a position to take another fare if they can earn more money with another trip or if they not in the area when booked. The cost for a taxi driver to lose you as a customer has little financial burden whereby a limousine company prospers by receiving repeat customers and referrals for a job well done. We all have heard at least one story from someone who complained that a taxi was late or didn’t show up at all even when called in advance.

3) When there is a larger number of people who need to travel to a shared destination it’s much more cost effective and fun to take a limousine then 2 or 3 taxi’s. Just think…all of you and your guests sitting back in a comfy spot listening to your favorite music excited about the upcoming plans for the evening. Everyone arrives at the same time and with a smile on their face.

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4) Taxi drivers are known to work long shifts. They can be tired, cranky and looking forward to going home. The ride may be rushed or the driver may be rude. You deserve good service for your hard earned money. A limousine service will insure a smooth ride and a courteous and professional driver every time.

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There are many more reasons to hire a limousine or towncar. While hiring a limousine may seem like a luxury service, there are times when you need to get to your destination with no stress or hassles. The ease of hiring a limousine or towncar can make up for the extra cost involved.
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